Commercial Garage Door Repair & Installation

Commercial Garage Door Repair & Installation

Commercial buildings, like warehouses, parking garages, and distribution centers, require large garage doors to protect the products and assets stored inside. However, to ensure maximum efficiency and seamless operation, garage doors must be maintained regularly. Inefficient, outdated, or damaged commercial garage doors can significantly affect your business’s productivity, leading to losses and shrunken bottom line.

Common Problems with Commercial Garage Doors

At Omrania Garage Doors, we offer top-of-the-line garage door repair services to business across New Jersey and surrounding areas, ensuring that your operations don’t suffer in any way. Due to excessive use, commercial garage doors can become inefficient and incur damage. Here are a few common problems that your commercial garage door may have:

Worn Out Rollers: Commercial garage doors have more rollers than a residential garage door, due to its large size. With regular wear and tear, they can wear out and catch dirt and debris, which can impact their functioning.

Improper Alignment: Metal tracks facilitate movement in commercial garage doors, and if these tracks fall out of alignment or get damaged, it can hinder in closing or opening. For this, you may need to adjust the tracks or replace them altogether.

Damaged Motors: Most commercial garage doors are automatic and have motors to run the cables for opening and closing the door. The motor can wear out or get damaged due to overuse, you have to get it replaced to restore the functioning of the garage door.

Whether you are a small auto repair shop, a massive manufacturing plant, or a busy distribution center with trucks loading and unloading packages 24/7, you need your commercial garage doors to be functioning properly at all times. To ensure that they serve you well, it is best that you get them repaired as soon as possible by an expert technician from Omrania Garage Doors.